• Rebecca Leigh

A Brief Apology to Grass

So, you lately may have seen the following image on your various socials :

I have no idea who to credit. Please don't sue me.

She's trending. She's a meme. She's (allegedly) grass under a very fancy science microscope of some kind. The captions vary, but for the most part are something like, "This is grass! Look how happy she is to see you! Live with joy! Be free! Stop cheating on your wife! Grass believes in you!" It's supposed to be an extremely positive, happy thing to know that grass is always smiling at you.

However, upon viewing this for the first time my immediate thoughts were less gleeful and more, "We mow that. We cut those tiny smiles up with very sharp blades. We do it all the time. And we think their death smells good."

I wish I didn't know this is what grass looked like. I wish I hadn't imagined their tiny little screams. But then again, wishing for ignorance in this feels wrong. I should know, and now that I do I will most definitely live with the guilt of it. No, seriously, I mean it. I will feel guilty about this... forever.

In summary : A huge bummer. Sorry, grass.

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