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First Post, Cheese Flavored

It has been brought to my attention by many lovely people who know things that I should be blogging, because apparently it's a thing that writers do. They tell me you've been biting your nails (please stop, it's really not sanitary), waiting, hoping, possibly even praying for this day to come. "What could Rebecca Leigh possibly have to say about stuff and things?" people seem to think someone's been thinking. To be fair, I wonder what I think about things all the time. Perhaps someday I'll come to a conclusion or two.

My first post is grilled cheese themed (and why wouldn't it be). I thought it might be nice to provide a picture aid for any of you that have yet to lay eyes on a grilled cheese in life. Full disclosure; I did not personally manufacture the above sandwich. The photo you see is the only stock photo of a grilled cheese that Wix had on hand. There appears to be mac and cheese on it. Good on you, Wix. Go big or go home. I love that for you. I will choose to remain small and nervous on my couch.

Why grilled cheese, you wonder? Today a company asked me to provide them with written instructions on how to make one as part of an application for employment at their non-food establishment. I'm assuming whoever created the application would like to know how and thinks that at this point in their life it's too late to ask. They also apparently think it's too late to learn how to google, which I agree, is a little embarrassing. Imagine not being able to google how to google? Bless their heart. I have probably made at least two of these sandwiches successfully in my life, so I think I can safely say I'm a grilled cheese virtuoso. I certainly hope I helped.

*Please note, if vegan and wishing to follow my expertise - simply pretend that I wrote the word "vegan" before each ingredient and proceed as normal. For example - "cheese" would be become "vegan cheese". "Tomato" would become "vegan tomato".

How to Make a Grilled Cheese by Cheesebecca Leigh

1.a) Watch the movie "Chef". Do exactly what he does.

Alternative Instructions :

If you are unable to access the film "Chef" or don't have time to watch a movie before dinner, follow the steps below :

1.b) Take two slices of your favorite bread (rye and sourdough are both fantastic choices, but you have excellent taste - trust your gut) and apply a healthy amount of butter to one side of each slice. Some people will say to use mayo. These people mean well, but they're wrong.

2. Slap a nice chunk of butter into your favorite frying pan on medium heat. Spread it around with your favorite spatula and coat the pan.

3. Put one slice of bread in the pan, butter side down. Apply two slices of your favorite kind of cheese (your heart will tell you what to choose) on the bread. Now apply two more. You'll want more. You can also mix kinds of cheese - feel free to go a little wild here, be brave. Onions, tomatoes, and pesto are also excellent additions. If adding these, make sure they're nestled snuggly between layers of cheese.

4. Complete step three rather quickly. Melty-ness is approaching, and we need this sandwich to hold together for flipping later.

5. Place the second piece of bread on top of the pile of deliciousness, butter side up.

6. Gently press down on the top slice with the same spatula from earlier. Listen to those lovely sizzling noises.

7. You're probably getting hungry due to excellent smells at this point. Resist the temptation to turn the burner up. The cheese won't melt in the middle, and that will be very sad for you later. Trust me on this. It's worth the wait.

8. When the bottom side is golden brown, carefully flip the sandwich over and gently press down again. Listen to the sizzle. Tap the top of the sandwich. Enjoy that lovely "tap tap".

9. When both sides are golden brown and the cheese is melty ooey gooey goodness, your sandwich is done! Using your spatula (no hands, it's hot!) CAREFULLY move the grilled hunk of happiness from the pan to a plate. Please don't drop it. Dropping it at this point has been known to lead to devastation, although in certain cases has brought immense joy to the family dog.

*A note - If dropped, don't let your pup eat it. A rather alarming amount of human food is dog poison. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you.

10. Turn off your burner. This may not be the most fun step, but it's extremely important, I promise. Also - if applicable - check your hair straightener.

11. Admire your work of art. Smell it. Appreciate the perfection within the imperfections. Take a picture of it. Post it to instagram if that's a thing that you do.

12. If it feels right, prepare your dipping sauce. This can be anything from ketchup to marinara to tomato soup. If you're looking to keep your gallbladder on its toes, a liquid cheese product can be a fun and wacky choice.

13. Dip in desired substance, or don't. It's up to you, there are no wrong answers. Take a bite. Take more bites. Dip in more sauce. Experience cheesy bliss. You earned this.

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